OUTFIT | Si! Es la famosa falda vaquera de botones

Each photo session and for all blogger, is a challenge. If the light, if the wind, if the hair on one side, if so please .. but we always managed to end the session fits. This is what we did before we recorded the first videolook (click here to view).
Since the famous Zara bag skirt buttons in the middle, we do not do nothing but see. Well in this case I've recovered from the closet. This is Primark, and has about three years. It is true that the old back trends. Basic T type and marine blue wedges to accompany the look. I tend to be large bag, but sometimes a small one like this is essential in our closet.
A kiss

Picts by José María Real Luque
Fotos hechas por José María Real Luque

T-shirt: KIABI / Skirt: PRIMARK / Shoes: LOCAL SHOP / Bag: BIMBA & LOLA
Camiseta: KIABI / Falda: PRIMARK / Cuñas: TIENDA LOCAL / Bolso: BIMBA & LOLA


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  1. Hacía tiempo que no veía una falda vaquera que no fuera ceñida y es de agradecer, la tuya me ha gustado y el toque de los botones le da un aire diferente. Un outfit tanto primaveral como veraniego, ideal, bss!



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